Skin Wellness Programs


Consistent ongoing skin care assures the most dramatic results for healthy and vital skin at every age. A daily regime of prescribed, quality home care products with a treatment plan to address your individual concerns will make the biggest difference right now and over time. On a personalized program, recommendations are made for products and treatments that give you and your skin the most beautiful advantage through all the seasons of the year and your life. More…

Skin Care


Laurie Taylor Skin Care offers a careful array of skin care solutions designed to address your individual concerns for skin health and wellness.  All facial treatments feature non-invasive active formulas and methods that ensure dramatic results with accumulative benefits. Achieve your very best and bring your skin to its optimum state of well-being and beauty! More…

Body Care


Beginning with a welcoming ritual, each body treatment has been thoughtfully crafted to address body health and wholeness. Laurie’s signature massage style incorporates her years of experience and depth of knowledge with an intuitive understanding of spirit and energy. Experience a profound relaxation that promotes healing and rejuvenation. More…